Fly Catcher Machine

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Fly Catcher Machine

Linnea LFT 115

Newly developed fly trapper small and beautiful Glue Pad based model

Specifications & Advantages

1 Coverage Approximately 400-600 sft Area
2 UV Lamps Philips Holland or equivalent 15 w X 1 unit
3 Warranty One year return to base
4 Lamp replacement For best results change annually
4 Glue pad replacement Normally once a month can be replaced with
6 Mounting Wall Mounted
7 Cable/ 3 pin plug 3 yards cable with 3 pin plug provided
8 Fixing Screws & Wall plug Provided
9 Service Can be opened easily to replace Glue pad or Tubes without any tools
10 Catch Mechanism By attracting with UV tubes and sticking to the glue pads
11 Special Design Specially designed to attract from front. The light emitted encourages flies to land from top subsequently trapped on the glue pads efficiently.
12 Electrical Supply 220-240 V
13 Power Consumption 23 watts
14 Weight 1.75 Kg approximately
15 Hygiene Unlike electrocutors, there is no sound & the insect does not explode due to high voltage thus preventing the insect particles from spraying on sensitive surfaces

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