Lizard Control

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Lizard Control

Lizards are common pests in houses, factories & building areas. There are several different types of lizards that naturally occur in and around houses, building, and factories and nearby hot places. They may be targeted as a pest according to season or geographical regions. Lizards are pest simply by their presence indoors. They do not live or infest indoor areas but come from surrounding while most people do not like lizards or get frightened by their presence on interior walls and counters parts of premises. These animals are not harmful. They will not bite people or pests generally.

Lizards are inactive primarily during day and night time. They move indoors during the early evening or early morning in search of insects that are attracted to lights. Lizards feed primarily on insects and spiders. They especially prefer ants as their food. They are solitary animal (reptiles) but they may occur in large numbers where there is an abundant vegetation & moist conditions. Matting occurs in the spring & eggs are laid. Soon after the eggs are hatched in summer young lizards take about 2 years to become adult and start roaming. The young ones are recognized by their small sign of short tail present.

This treatment would be carried out by directing the recommended pesticides towards the lizards, ant their hideouts & killing them. Spraying of target specific pesticides will be done on electric wires, meter rooms, bathroom, windows, tunnels, cracks & crevices, and conduits to avoid their presence and elimination.
Lizard is very harmful to us if it gets consumed with food that quite happens and we used to hear such news also. That can cause a sure death in maximum cases. It is very dangerous if we take any kind of food in which a lizard has fallen and got rotten in it.

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