Wood Borer Treatment

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Wood Borer Treatment

The most damaging insects that destroy wooden structures severely are the termites. The beetles are the next most destructive group of insects, who attack wooden things on the basis of distinctive habits and the problem solving challenges the beetles rank nearly at the top. There are 2 kinds of these pests.

  • Those who will re infest the wood severely they have emerged from until the wooden items can no longer be used and must be replaced.
  • Those who emerge from wood after it has been milled and installed for whatever use it was intended, but for one or another reason could not attack the same piece of wooden items again in future.

Third in importance, depending upon geographical locations, are the bees, wasps and ants we commonly deal with daily wise.

Wood Destroying Insects

Wood destroying organisms other than subterranean termite cause millions of dollars in damage to wooden items every year if not been taken care of on time.

Sources & Causes of Structural Pest Problems
  • Water and Moisture settled for long time.
  • Soil types, textures, depths etc.
  • Earth to wood contact that generally happens.

There are several methods and options for controlling of wood borers. Selecting the best options depends on a number of factors, such as the Gravity of infestation, the location of infestation, potential for re infestation, and cost of treatment. Wood borers and Powder Post Beetles damage wood slowly so there is plenty of time to make a decision on control but Pestonics always suggest to take action right away you find the clues of their presence.

As a treatment wood preservative chemicals are required to be injected into these tiny exit holes with the help of syringe and larvae is targeted as only larvae is responsible for the damage caused to the wood.

The wood surface is also applied with chemicals such as having petroleum base. We highly recommend signing an annual contract to help protect your home, office and family throughout the year and stay healthy.

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