Rodent or Rats Control

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Rodent or Rats Control

Rodents can damage buildings, contaminate food, and transmit diseases to people. The rodent family includes over 2,000 species of rats, mice , gophers, voles, beavers and more. They are also adaptable, capable of learning by trial and error. As a result, people who need to control them have always struggled to build a better mouse-trap.

Do you know that Rodent front teethes grow 5 inches per year? Their teethes grows continuously throughout their life and creates serious problems for you. Naturally if they don't gnaw on things, their teeth will grow longer than their bodies. This makes them most destructive pests in any kind.

It is an known fact that rats can cause great destruction with their powerful teeth and jaws, so powerful that they can bite through lead and problems start right from there.

Rats are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in India as they may get found in any place as they have great adaptation genes. They consume and contaminate food, damage structures and property by biting drastically, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans resulting fatal diseases. They are often found in and around homes and other buildings, farms, gardens, etc., mainly on soil scattered places.
Their nests are built from soft material like paper or grass chewed into small pieces. Rats will climb if necessary to enter a building. Some species of rats are excellent swimmer. The common species of rats found in India are Mus musculus (house mouse), Rattus rattus (roof rat), Mus musculatus (mice) and bandicoots (Big Rats).
Rats of either species, especially young once, can squeeze beneath a door with only a 2 cm gap. If the door is made of wood, the rat may gnaw to enlarge the gap made previously or already done.
Once the rat menace is identified and the entry point of rats into the building are established, the best suited methodology is adopted with minimal disruption.
Premises where the rat menace is frequent, a sort of Annual Maintenance Contract is entered into with the client for time to time rectification process. Frequent inspections and services are carried out to prevent their population from growing and check the expected places. All this follow up and monitoring is possible through frequent visits to the site and hence a Maintenance contract is a must to avoid serious disasters they can create.

Trapping Rodents: Non Chemical Control Method

The best options available today are the Rat Glue boards which can be used indoors to capture mice and Rats. We as a professional Pest management Company in Delhi NCR and suburbs have best services and products to help customers and creates healthy environment.
There are several advantages for using rat glue traps for your premise once identified:

  • Safer than potential hazardous poison baits and unsecure products available in market now.
  • Quick and immediate results and it allows the user to confirm if the rat was killed by the treatment right away.
  • Easy disposal of dead rodents avoiding odor problems if rodenticides kill rodents in inaccessible areas and unidentified can create germs for fatal diseases.

However, trapping is useless if the procedures to prevent infestation are not followed. Moreover there may be a need to have as many as 2-3 dozen rat glue traps set in place in a commercial establishment like factories, warehouses , production halls, office premise etc. By applying these traps with baits and can be eliminated after trapping from traditional sources. A tedious work for employees who can help in more production with better growth in same time.

Baiting Rodents: Chemical Control Method

Another popular method is use of Baits to allure them, which is responsible for slow death of rats and unhealthy environment for your premise.

Poison Baits (Rodenticides). Rodenticides are poisons that kill rodents. Depending upon their chemical property and mode of action Rodenticides can be classified into two groups. Single dose Anti coagulants and Multi dose Anti coagulants.

Rat poisons or Baits should never be purchased from local hardware stores, feed stores, discount stores, etc. Do not buy unlabeled rat poisons from street vendors or other uncertain sources.

Ideally the job of rats and rodent control should be done by professional and trained pest control operators, as it involves handling of toxic materials that can cause severe breathing and other illness and may also lead to lung issues.

Rodent baits are used only to supplement the trapping methods effectively. If there is a repeated need to use baits, sanitation should be improved and well taken care. We use only those baiting products which are registered with the Central Insecticide Board (CIB) and the label instructions are strictly followed.

In the case of "multi dose anticoagulants" the active ingredients in baits are used at very low levels, so bait shyness does not occur when using properly formulated baits. Most of these baits cause death only after they are consumed by rats for several days. These baits are always kept in tamper- resistant bait stations .It provides a safeguard for people, pets and other animals in terms of health. These bait stations are strategically placed on the runways of rats or the openings close to the wall or in corner places where rats are active and visiting frequently.

Rats quickly become immune to frequent repeated sounds. Ultrasonic sounds, those above the range of human hearing, have very limited use because they are uni-directional and do not penetrate objects like furniture, sacks, records etc. Moreover, their intensity gets diminished with distance and is less vulnerable. There is hardly any evidence which proves that sound of any type will drive established rats from buildings or otherwise give sufficient control towards rectification and elimination process.

We offer our services for Rat and Rodent control services to domestic and commercial premises, keeping in mind their specific requirement, healthy space and then customize Rat control Program. A clear inspection of premise is always important for any Rodent Management Program.

Hole Fumigation Process

In the open area, the foremost requirement is to identify the rat and rodents' live burrows (rat hole). Proper identification of live burrows in open makes half the elimination process easy. Rats and rodents burrow fumigation is a bit tricky job as one rat burrow may consist of multiple openings they create. Therefore it is utmost important to identify the rodent burrows with multiple openings and plug all openings except one from where burrow fumigation has to be performed.

Thereafter, Burrow fumigation is performed using Fumigants like Aluminum Phosphide. Immediately after applying fumigant the burrow opening is closed thoroughly. The basic principle is that the burrow should retain the gas for sufficient time to be lethal enough to kill all the rats and rodents present inside. Burrow fumigation is the most popular and effective method of rat and rodent control in open areas.

Torpedo Baiting Process

Another method of controlling rats in open areas is known as "torpedo baiting". It explains that the rat burrows are applied with baits in such a way that rats are left with no other option than to accept the poison bait. Bait is prepared by mixing rodenticides like Zinc phosphide with crushed grain materials. This bait is stuffed in live burrows and the openings are plugged immediately. The rats are left with no other option than to accept the poison bait and finally get eliminated.

Our Solutions

The use of rodenticide by our Technicians generally takes place as part of a planned programme of anti pest activity and regular monitoring. We will put a schedule of visits in place designed to effectively take care of your rodent problem with the minimum of disruption to your staff and your business.

Our rodent baits are installed and distributed in a wide variety of tamper resistant bait stations. Within a few days of laying rodenticides your mouse or rat problem will be history.

Rodent control that is safe for everyone, except rats and mice. If you have got a problem with rats and mice and want to lay bait for them it is vital that the rodenticides you use do not cause harm to anyone else. Rentokil has a wide range of tamper resistant bait stations, many of which we developed ourselves. Each is clearly labelled, stating its purpose and what it contains. Our tamper resistant bait stations are designed to admit rats and mice, but not inquisitive pets or children. Using carefully marked tamper resistant bait stations laid in recorded locations for rodent control.
Do not want rodents on your premises? Rodent proofing from Pestonics is the backbone of any effective pest management strategy. It is rodent repellent that can be used both internally and externally to block all the most obvious and less obvious routes of entry. We can install bristle strips to protect doorways, gap seals for doors and windows and even concertina shuttering too. We will also carry out a complete programme of bespoke voidfilling to block hidden access points such as holes, airbricks, splits and so on. All our rodent proofing is carried out using noncorrosive materials such as hardwearing nylon, galvanised steel and aluminium.
  • It is important to know which species of rodent you're dealing with; they have different habits and preferences.
  • If you have holes or digging evidence in the yard, food is not the only thing rodents are attracted to. Remove nesting materials, water sources, and travel pathways to discourage rodents.
  • Reduce clutter inside and outside to discourage rodents. Neatly kept homes and lawns are less attractive to some rodents.
  • Experts recommend an IPM approach to control rodents. Try prevention, sanitation and exclusion, and use rodenticides only as a last resort.

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